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Ongoing Collaboration Opportunity :: Collaboration is the Key ~todayidumpedthebodies.blogspot.com

 Hello Students,

Professor Ryan Seslow has invited me to write to you. As a conceptual artist, I like to involve other artists in my work, featuring their individuality and skills. We are all here together in this big wide world and learning from and appreciating each other is key.

Today I Dumped The Bodies originated in Coral Spring, FL. I was living in this suburb for a short spurt of my life and needed to entertain myself so I started “dumping” or leaving in prime places; “bodies” bodies of original artwork; for people to find.

 University Collaborations:

Students will be paired with another artist. They will learn about and feature the artwork, find a location on or off of campus that they would like to feature, dump the body and photograph the dump, blog a bit about it, and feature links to their own work as a guest blogger.

I have collaborated by dumping a body with another artist. This is also quite fun. So if you want to work in teams this is also within the game plan. Since bodies is a collaborative project, I am open to hearing new ideas.

 Media Junkies:

If anyone would like to work directly with Ryan and I using the internet and media to forecast the dumps before they happen, you are welcome to contact us. I am willing to sign off if someone can get extra credit as an intern or for extra curricular work.

Below are links so that you can read more about the project, or my work. You can also invite your friends and other artists. The goal is free art (artists make a lot of work and have storage, they have what to give) and features of interesting people, venues and conversations. I think reading some of the blog posts will help create clarity. You can search “guest blogger” or “guest artist” in the search box at todayidumpedthebodies , and my guest-ies will come up yellow.

Thank you in advance for your interest in collaborating on

Today I Dumped The Bodies.blogspot.com



ThePassionoftheChristoph blog interview on “bodies”http://thepassionofthechristoph.com/2012/10/01/today-i-dumped-the-bodies/

 How to “Dump a Body” Page:


A few links to who I am/ my work:

http://www.elanitkayne.com/html_ver/text_section.php?multi_id=1&active_btn=5           (bio + links at the bottom of the page)



Contact Elanit here :: http://bit.ly/TjYpiw

“Stencil Project”


“Stencil Project”

Chris Stain collaborated with professor Ryan Seslow’s MFA seminar class, as well as professor Rick Mills’s printmaking students through a technical process that led to the generating of a fresh new piece of stencil art by each participant. Students are currently in the process of completing and donating one of their original stencil prints to a large collaborative artist book. The hand bound book will present the collaborative stencil works generated by the LIU Post art students, professors, and guest artists.

We will be archiving the original works here on this page soon.

For more on the Chris Stain Visit ::   https://liumfaseminar.wordpress.com/artists/artists/chris-stain/

Get the shortlink to this page – http://wp.me/P2Jpvy-40

“The Transportation of Communication”


The Transportation of Communication is a theme based project that seminar students worked with to generate a new piece of art specifically for the course. Students generated their individual works in any medium and in any dimensions that they desired. The works must be logistically feasible, and the works must be presentation ready on 11/27/12 @ 7PM. Along with the final piece of art, students will prepare a written statement that explains their work to be posted on this page with their image(s). The written explanation will cover how the works communicate the theme above.

The project is due on November 27, 2012. A group critique of the works will be held at 7PM in the Fine Arts Building, room 113.

shortlink to this post – http://wp.me/p2Jpvy-4r

Chris Stain Guest Lecture and Technique Demo.


On 11/17/12 Chris Stain came into the seminar class as a Guest Artist. He presented his past and current works, collaborated with students, performed a technique demonstration, and left his mark at the printshop.

photo by Summer Geng Jie

Bio: Chris Stain grew up writing Graffiti in Baltimore, MD in the mid 80′s. Through printmaking in high school he adapted stencil-making techniques, which later lead to his work in street stencils and an international recognition in the urban contemporary art world. Compared at times to the American Social Realist movement of the 1930’s and ‘40’s, Chris’s work echoes his upbringing and the people who helped shape his mental and physical landscape. His work illustrates the struggles of the unrecognized and underrepresented individuals of society. Chris currently teaches art part time in New York City and is pursuing a BA in Art Education. His book Long Story Short was published by the DRAGO press and has been available since March 2012.

Check out the artist’s site here :: http://chrisstain.com

View the whole event & shortlink to this posthttp://wp.me/P2Jpvy-1C

Leon Reid IV studio visit 11/10/12 has been CANCELED.


UPDATE- The planned class visit to the Brooklyn studio of artist Leon Reid IV on Saturday November 10th 2012 @1PM has been CANCELED.

Due to destruction caused by hurricane Sandy we must cancel the event at this time. Leon will be coming in to work with LIU students this spring of 2013, we will keep you updated on new dates as they are solid.

As a result of the hurricane Leon suffered a terrible loss in his studio, read about how you can help here:: http://www.leonthe4th.com/Studio%20Disaster%20Relief/1.html


Robert Calame: Thanks Chris, it was a very informative and interesting lecture and great to see some examples of your stencils. The larger works you showed in class are quite amazing. I have always been interested in seeing and learning about different artist’s processes and it was very exciting to have a hands on workshop in order to learn a medium I have never tried. I’ve already made several t-shirts from the stencil I created in class and given them as gifts. It is a process I will certainly use again. Thanks again!